Celebrating 25 years of downtown entrepreneurship


25 years ago, Tiffany Parker launched a business in downtown Fort Smith. Entrepreneurship was an unusual word, and it was even more unusual for a young woman to start a for-profit enterprise from scratch.

Tiffany’s Designer Again Consignment store broke lots of barriers. In a recent conversation with The Downtown Crier, Tiffany pointed out that a surprising number of her consigners are terrific “pickers” and, as a result, earn extra income through Designer Again.

Downtown Fort Smith is proud of – and proud for – Tiffany, her family, and her employees. Help us help Designer Again celebrate on Thursday, July 7. Downtown merchants have contributed lots of goodies that visitors will have a chance to win.

Soon, we’ll be sharing some valuable lessons learned from Tiffany about downtown, running a business, and treating people well.

Thank you, Tiffany.

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