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Patrons at Savoy Tea Company in Fort Smith are talking about more than their favorite tea. Customers are smitten by tea parties. Even those who aren’t necessarily part of the experience are charmed by all kinds of gatherings, for adults and children.

Shelby Pfeffer, the manager at Savoy Tea at 925 Garrison Avenue in downtown Fort Smith, says, “Parties at Savoy are one special way we provide experiences for our customers. Whether a customer is interested in having “Tea Time” with close friends and family or celebrating a little girl’s birthday with our “Princess Party” we provide everything necessary to make the occasion one to remember.”

Shelby says one of the reasons organizers choose Savoy is that staff takes care of all the arrangements. “We take time and attention to detail when setting the table and making the delicious snacks and clean up after you are all finished.”

The parties provide a relaxed atmosphere for practicing etiquette. During the party, a Savoy staff member explains what’s happening and why, and what guests are expected to do in a more formal setting. This provides a fun learning experience for guests.

Shelby observes, “There is something unique about drinking from vintage china and being served bite-sized scones on a silver tray.”

Savoy offers two party packages. The Princess Party includes food and drink for eight guests. Shelby says, “The table scape for this party is absolutely precious. We tie bows on each guest’s chair and hang a ribbon garland in our window.”

The Tea Time package includes tea, scones, finger sandwiches and mini cupcakes for two to twelve guests.

For more information, or to book your party, contact Shelby at Savoy Tea Company at 479–222–6890, or via email at shelby@savoytea.com.

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